Dia 89 (e 90 e 91)


Today it’s been three weeks since I left Brazil and maybe I’m now ready to talk about the trip back home. 

It was very emotional day, but I never felt that I was in a rush, which is not typical for me because usually I stress so much I end up being in a rush. I took a shower, finished packing and ate well. Then my friends came to pick me up, I said goodbye to my landlady (still don’t know what she was saying, but she hugged me many times, so I guess it was something positive) and we drove to the railway station. My friend’s mum has packed us some salty pie, chocolate cake and tea and of course we started to eat almost immediately the train started to move.

It was horrible to say the last goodbyes and hug for the last time and then to go to the security check in the Porto Alegre Airport. I’m surprised I even found the right gate because I was just crying.

From Porto Alegre I flew to Rio de Janeiro and then Frankfurt. In Frankfurt I had almost 8 hours layover before my flight to Helsinki, so I spent the day in the city just walking around and eating lunch. It was great to see a bit of Frankfurt but also I was already so close to home so it was hard to enjoy it as much as I would have wanted.


The trip back home was very long, a bit more than 24 hours. I left Brazil at 6 o’clock in the evening on Friday and  because of time zones I was in Finland half past midnight on Sunday.


My dad was waiting for me in the airport to pick me up and at home there was lot of food for me in the fridge. ❤
I got sleep around 5.00 and my little sister woke me up 7.30 to play with her, but definitely worth it. Well I fell asleep while we were watching TV two hours after that, but good try still.


My little sister made sure that I don’t need to sleep alone.

It was and it is good to be back, even I’m missing being in Novo Hamburgo.



Thank you for reading. Most likely this is the last blog post, but maybe when I’m having my next adventure I will start writing again.  


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